Jensen said in his Meet and Greet at Dallascon that Misha didn’t pick the daisy duke hotpants and the muscle shirt for Jensen for the mockumentary.
Jensen grabbed the shirt from the wardrobe trailer and he had those pants still in his drawer from a daisy duke day on set a while ago, where all the crew guys wore them.


Jensen is too good at acting scary, I swear Demon Dean is going to give me nightmares.

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so apparently I was having a love affair with his hands yesterday. I make no apologies. 

zach-fan-to-the-end asked: "Would you happen to have a gif from Season 1 Episode 4 (Phantom Traveler) when Dean and Sam are on the plane and it starts to go down and Dean is like freaking out or yelling in the back? It would be AWESOME if you could post that gif!!!!!"

That I do!! Here ya go :)